Quality and safety in the independent healthcare sector 2023

Specialist Acute Hospitals

Specialist hospitals usually focus on a single speciality, for example ophthalmic or termination of pregnancy services. 

There are many more specialist independent hospitals rated by the CQC (515), compared to NHS specialist hospitals (32). Such imbalanced numbers make like-for-like comparisons difficult. However, we can see that over 80% of services in both sectors are rated either good or outstanding. 

The number of specialist independent sector acute hospitals rated by the CQC has grown considerably since 2018, from under 20 in early 2018 to 515 today. Consequently, the significant change in the number of locations with ratings makes it difficult to make judgements about trends in quality over that period, in a similar way to the trendline for non-specialist hospitals.  

Sector improvement example – Medical Practitioners Assurance Framework (MPAF)

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