Your Gateway to Global Healthcare Excellence

Uniting London’s healthcare

London has the best of global healthcare operators in one city, delivering state-of-the-art healthcare and excellent outcomes to large volumes of patients every year.

From advanced diagnostics to the treatment of complex conditions, London’s private hospitals collectively deliver one of the broadest service ranges available in a single city anywhere in the world. London’s private healthcare providers also continue to innovate with telehealth and the virtual patient experience which is increasingly becoming a key part of the patient pathway. This is supported by ongoing investment in research and clinical trials to ensure that London’s private hospitals and NHS Private Patient Units remain at the cutting edge of modern healthcare.

To enable many more international patients to access the quality of treatment that London has to offer several leading private healthcare providers, including prominent NHS teaching hospitals with private patient units, have come together to form ‘Healthcare London’. Healthcare London’s purpose is to enable international patients to access world-leading models of healthcare in London to provide outstanding outcomes. As such, Healthcare London acts as the coordinating and promotional body to help international patients who are seeking the best and safest healthcare in London’s centres of excellence, benefiting from multidisciplinary, value based, coordinated care services.