IHPN Quarterly Data – NHS Activity, Q1 2024

Specialty specific data

Trauma and orthopaedic surgery and ophthalmology services to be the most significant specialty areas for the independent sector. For the week ending 3rd March 2024, trauma and orthopaedics made up 29.5% of all IS activity as recorded by WAR, with ophthalmology contributing another 23.8%.

Trauma and orthopaedics and ophthalmology are also the biggest contributors to the overall increase in independent sector activity since 2019. For February 2024, trauma and orthopaedics activity was up 19.9% compared with February 2019, while ophthalmology, driven by a significant increase in capacity for delivering cataract replacement procedures, was up 190% from that baseline (36,946 RTT episodes in February 2024, compared with 12,111 in February 2019). For February 2024, the independent sector delivered 25..7% of all NHS trauma and orthopaedics elective activity and 22.6% of all NHS ophthalmology activity.

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