Going Private

Headline Findings

This report comprehensively sets out the answers to many of the survey questions undertaken by Public First, who spoke to a nationally representative sample of over 2,000 people.

While there are many interesting findings and conclusions, some of the key headlines are:

  • Demand for private healthcare is being strongly driven by challenges within the NHS. 46% of people who’ve used private healthcare said being unable to get an NHS appointment was a factor in their decision.
  • Most people feel positive about private healthcare – particularly if they’ve actually used it. 51% of people feel very or quite positive about private healthcare – that goes up to over 7 in 10 of people who’ve used it.
  • There is evidence of a significant generational shift in the attitudes and usage of younger people. Younger people are more likely to have used, or be prepared to use the private healthcare sector, and are more positive about it.

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