Going Private


This research has helped us to understand a great deal about what people think about private healthcare.

Some of the findings confirm things that we already know about private healthcare – the clear illustration of how access to timely care is important, given the current challenges facing the NHS.

It is also clear that affordability is the biggest barrier to people accessing the system, although a lack of awareness and absence of information comes through – there could be an opportunity to empower patients by giving them much better information about the costs of private healthcare and how to navigate the system.

However other findings provide insights that can help the industry develop to serve patients better in the future.

It is notable that despite a perception of the private sector being ‘unpopular’, that in fact people feel positive about private healthcare – particularly if they’ve actually used it. This is also illustrated by the large numbers of people who highlight the quality of care as one of the things they most like about it.

The research showed evidence of a generational shift in attitudes towards private healthcare, manifesting itself in terms of general support, tendency or willingness to use, or having already used private healthcare. This has potentially key implications for the long-term future of the sector.

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