Provider Selection Regime detail and proposals welcomed

The Provider Selection Regime (PSR) will be a set of new rules for arranging healthcare services in England by organisations termed relevant authorities. Relevant authorities will be NHS England, integrated care boards, NHS trusts and foundation trusts, and local or combined authorities. The PSR will not apply to the procurement of goods or non-healthcare services, irrespective of whether these are procured by relevant authorities.

The Department of Health and Social Care’s response to their supplementary consultation on the detail of the proposed regulations was published on 13 July 2023.

IHPN’s Director of Policy & Delivery, David Furness, who oversaw IHPN’s engagement and response to the consultations, has responded to the detail being published: “We welcome today’s consultation response confirming how the new Provider Selection Regime will operate.

“The Provider Selection Regime is an important set of rules which guides how the NHS arranges health care for people all around the country.

“We share the goal of reducing the bureaucracy associated with procurement in the NHS, including by making it easier for providers to be accredited to deliver new services, and it’s positive that both commissioners and providers now have certainty over how the new regime will operate.

“Having the rules confirmed means that both NHS commissioners and healthcare providers can work to make sure they have a full understanding of the regime and can implement it effectively.

“One of the most significant changes we believe is the move to establish independent oversight to resolve complaints which will help bring transparency and consistency to decision making.

“There will be two independent panels – one relating to choice issues, and one for procurement issues – but operating as one. This is a positive step because by ensuring transparency and consistency in decision making it will help to give patients and taxpayers maximum confidence about the decisions made on their behalf.

“We look forward to working with NHS England on the implementation of the PSR to ensure that providers are well equipped to work constructively with the NHS under the new rules, and that there’s a good wider understanding of how this will all work in practice.”