IHPN responds to PAC report

In response to the Public Accounts Committee report into managing backlogs and waiting times, David Hare, Chief Executive of IHPN said: “This report highlights the scale of the issues which the health service still faces, and the precarious nature of the NHS’ recovery efforts.  

“The recovery plan has always been bold and ambitious. To deliver it, or even get close, we need every part of the health service to be harnessed as part of a shared collective effort. This includes the independent sector.  

“Our members believe there is more they can do to support this effort, and they are ready and willing.

“We must be leaving no stone unturned to ensure every person on the waiting list can be seen and treated as quickly as possible. This includes ensuring every NHS patient is aware of their legal right to choose the best provider for them, including in the independent sector.

“By travelling just half an hour, many NHS patients can shave a massive 14 weeks off their NHS waiting time and we hope that through the Government’s elective recovery taskforce more NHS patients can be made aware of this right, to help them to get the treatment they need as quickly as possible.”