IHPN responds to latest NHS performance stats

Responding to the latest monthly NHS performance figures, David Hare, Chief Executive of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, said:

“While we continue to see some modest improvements in the waiting list situation, the sheer number of people on waiting lists is still unacceptably high, with many hundreds of thousands of people unable to work and live fulfilling lives.”

“The number of NHS patients currently being treated in the independent sector is well above pre-pandemic levels but, as both of the main political parties have made clear, it is vital that the NHS uses all available independent sector capacity and capability to cut waiting times for patients.”

“The sector remains ready and able to increase the number of NHS patients it treats, whether that’s through delivering surgery or procedures, deploying mobile scanning or diagnostic capability, delivering community services to take the pressure off hospitals or bringing in teams to tackle the backlogs.”

“With so many patients living in unnecessary pain, it’s now critical this capacity is used – including through ensuring NHS patients are aware of their “right to choose” to be treated in an independent hospital – and that an “all shoulders to the wheel” approach is taken to clear this care backlog.”