IHPN responds to independent inquiry into Ian Paterson

Responding to the publication of the Bishop of Norwich’s independent inquiry report into the case of Ian Paterson, David Hare, Chief Executive of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network said:

“Anyone that reads the testimonies of the individuals affected by Ian Paterson’s appalling crimes cannot fail to be moved by their suffering. We therefore welcome today’s report from the Bishop of Norwich which rightly puts the voices of his victims and families at the heart of his work, and makes clear that a whole-systems solution will be needed to minimise the chances of any similar cases happening again. We will study the report carefully, and work with the wider healthcare sector to act on its recommendations.

“The independent sector has already taken important steps to help improve the way that healthcare settings communicate concerns about clinicians that work across multiple sites, and will consider the recommendations in the report to assess what more can be done.

“All parts of the healthcare system, including clinicians, providers and regulators across both the NHS and independent sector, must now work together to ensure that patient safety is prioritised in all healthcare settings – building on the progress made in recent years, so that patients can have full confidence in the behaviour of those that treat them.”