IHPN reaction to NHS performance statistics

Responding to the publication of NHS performance statistics, David Furness, director of policy and delivery, IHPN said: “While it’s encouraging that the waiting lists haven’t grown still further this month, this is another bleak set of figures ahead of what looks likely to be a hugely difficult winter.

“If there is more disruption and strikes over the Christmas and New Year period, it will put further pressure on the NHS.

“There will be an inevitable focus over the coming weeks on urgent and emergency pathways and we also know that the NHS has given direction in recent weeks to reduce targets for elective activity.

“It’s important that despite the challenges, patients are made aware of their rights, particularly their right to choose the best provider for them, whether that be a public or independent sector provider of NHS services.

“The sector remains ready and able to increase the number of NHS patients it treats, whether that’s through delivering surgery or procedures, deploying mobile scanning or diagnostic capability, delivering community services to take the pressure off hospitals or bringing in teams to tackle the backlogs.  

“We hope that local systems are able and willing to utilise that resource and expertise for the benefit of patients, as is so clearly needed.”