Independent providers deliver over 135 000 cancer treatments during pandemic

Independent healthcare providers have delivered over 135 000 cancer treatments to both NHS and private patients throughout the coronavirus pandemic, according to new data compiled by the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN).

Published on World Cancer Day, the new data from IHPN shows that as part of the historic partnership agreement between the NHS and independent sector hospitals, almost 100 000 cancer treatments were delivered to NHS patients since the end of March 2020. This includes around:

– 50 000 chemotherapy sessions;

– 15 000 cancer surgeries;

– 20 000 cancer diagnostics tests;

– 5 000 cancer endoscopies; and

– 10 000 cancer imaging procedures

Independent providers are continuing to support the NHS during this current covid19 wave, including with the delivery of urgent cancer surgery and chemotherapy, whilst also treating growing numbers of private cancer and other patients across the country.

The latest data from PHIN shows that independent sector providers delivered significant treatment to private cancer patients throughout the pandemic, with almost 35 000 medical oncology discharges from April to October 2020 alone.

David Hare, Chief Executive of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, said:

“This past year has been a hugely worrying time for cancer patients, with the pandemic causing significant disruptions for many thousands for people needing cancer treatment.

“As part of the historic agreement with the NHS, I’m proud of the role that independent providers have played in ensuring cancer treatment could still continue during covid19 with the delivery of almost 100 000 cancer surgeries, chemotherapy sessions and cancer-related diagnostic tests and endoscopies delivered to NHS patients.

“In addition, tens of thousands of private cancer patients have also benefitted from high quality life-saving treatment in the independent sector.

“Working in partnership, the NHS and independent sector have gone to great lengths to ensure cancer treatment can continue during the pandemic and we would urge anyone with suspected cancer symptoms to immediately talk to their GP and get checked out.”


PHIN data on private patient activity can be found here: