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IHPN responds to CQC State of Care report

Date of publication: 15th Oct 2019

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In response to the CQC’s State of Care report, David Hare, Chief Executive of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, said:

“We welcome the CQC’s State of Care report which shows that over 80 per cent of independent acute hospitals are rated good or outstanding, with leadership highlighted as an area where the sector’s performance has improved even further.

“The CQC is also right to highlight the ever worsening access to NHS care across the board, meaning that patients are unable to receive appropriate care at the right time and in the right setting. Ahead of what is likely to be one of the toughest winters on record for the NHS, it is therefore vital that independent sector providers delivering primary, community, diagnostic and acute care are fully integrated into local system planning to ensure that all available resources are utilised so that NHS patients can access safe, timely and high quality care, free at the point of use.”