IHPN responds to latest NHS performance statistics

Responding to the publication of the latest NHS performance figures, David Hare, Chief Executive of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, said:

“With today’s figures showing the largest NHS waiting list on record at over 4.59 million people – in addition to the over 5 million “hidden waiting list” of people who have not yet presented for treatment – it is clear that all parts of the healthcare system are going to be needed to help bring NHS waiting times down as quickly as possible.

“Independent hospitals have played a significant role in ensuring non-covid NHS treatment could continue during the pandemic and have now delivered over 2.8 million NHS operations, consultations, chemotherapy sessions and scans since last March under the historic national deal with NHS England. With patients waiting ever longer for care, independent providers are going to need to remain an essential part of NHS capacity to ensure that NHS patients can access the care they need quickly and safely.”