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HCA Healthcare UK

Six renowned private hospitals

At HCA Healthcare UK, our clinical teams work together to provide patient-centred, holistic treatment across multiple care specialties, including paediatrics, oncology, cardiology, orthopaedics and women’s health. We invest heavily in the latest technology and research and have several robotic systems in our hospitals and our consultants have pioneered their use across a multitude of procedures. Our partnerships with the NHS and our research at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute mean we’re expanding access to our services to as many patient groups as possible. Our HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre extends that accessibility to international patients across the globe.

795 inpatient beds
across London

Over 100 intensive care beds, including specialist NICU and SCBU facilities for infants

795 inpatient beds across London

Over 6,000 clinicians, including over 3,000 consultants and 2,000 nurses

To provide the best patient care, our consultants work within specialist multidisciplinary teams, ensuring every facet of patient care is considered and a variety of specialists work on complex or surgical cases.

Our nurse-led HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre is available 24/7 and responds to all referrals within two hours, wherever you are in the world. All healthcare needs can be navigated, including global ICU-ICU transfers, providing patients with time-sensitive, clinically led support whilst between facilities.

Registered with the UK’s health care regulator, the CQC, to date they have facilitated international transfers from over 60 countries.

For complex conditions requiring a prolonged stay, or for international patients who are travelling for care, our HCA UK Medical Concierge Service has developed partnerships to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for all patients, family members and travelling companions. Our staff speak a multitude of languages, and work with a translator service.

Our second medical opinion service for oncology patients, complete with onward case management when care needs to be transferred, is a service we’re proud to be able to offer as it offers patients access to a treatment plan more suited to their needs or provides reassurance that their current treatment plan is correct.