A patient transfer story

The patient had become paraplegic following tuberculosis spondylodiscitis. He then developed seizures in August 2022 and was admitted to hospital in his country where he underwent spinal fusion. On 2nd April 2023, he was readmitted with sepsis, suspected to be caused by an infected bed sore. Surgeons removed the fusion hardware from the patient’s spine and noted signs of infection.

Following this procedure, the patient developed a pleural effusion. Drainage improved his respiratory function for only a short time and his condition subsequently deteriorated due to an aspiration pneumonia on 28th April 2023. He was resuscitated from a cardiac arrest, was intubated and later a tracheostomy was performed.

A Healthcare London partner was contacted by the patient’s son on 9th May requesting his father’s transfer to London. Having received his father’s very complex referral, it was clear that this patient would likely need a prolonged period of ICU admission followed by a significant period of rehabilitation. After he was transferred to London and to ICU he received a full multidisciplinary approach to his care.

This involved the support of London specialists including a spinal neurosurgeon, a plastic surgeon, Microbiologists, Radiologists, Neurophysiologists, and Neurologists. He had benefited from an intense rehabilitation programme led by senior Physiotherapists and other rehabilitation specialists.

On 12th October the patient was discharged and is recovering well.