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Information for patients

How to navigate private healthcare

IHPN, with support from the Patient’s Association, have developed a range of resources to help patients navigate private healthcare and set out what options are available to them, including:

  • how to access private healthcare
  • mixing and matching NHS and private healthcare
  • how to choose a private doctor or healthcare provider
  • how to pay for private healthcare

What is private healthcare?

How can I access private healthcare?

Can I mix and match NHS and private treatment?

How do I choose a healthcare provider or doctor for my private treatment?

How do I pay for private treatment?

How much does private healthcare cost?

Where can I find more information on private healthcare?

What to expect from independent healthcare

This animation looks that what patients can expect from independent healthcare including safety, patient experience, and how to make a complaint

More information can also be found in our leaflet accompanying the animation here