IHPN Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) Conference

On Wednesday 28 June, IHPN held its first PSIRF Conference at The Burlington Hotel, Birmingham. The conference – supported by MPS Partnerships – was attended by 62 delegates from 32 member organisations who came together to explore the practicalities of implementing PSIRF and ensuring the focus is on learning and improvement.

Alongside learning, the conference also focused on speaking up for safety, just culture and quality improvement. The conference included updates from a PSIRF early adopter site and the Care Quality Commission.

We were delighted to welcome a fantastic line up of expert speakers to bring PSIRF to life, starting with NHSE’s Tracey Herlihey, Head of Patient Safety Incident Response Policy who delivered our opening remarks.

We were then joined by CQC’s Policy Manager Claire Land who discussed how PSIRF fits in to the new single assessment framework from a regulatory perspective.

Other speakers included Dr Katie Grant, Risk Prevention Medicolegal Lead at The Medical Protection Society who discussed Speaking Up & Just Culture and Deborah Widdowson, Assistant Director of QI and Midlands Regional Patient Safety Specialist who looked at how Quality Improvement fits in to the new PSIRF Framework.

Hannah Taylor, Partner at Bevan Brittan LLP, Lucy Winstanley, Head of Patient Safety and Quality, Patient Safety Specialist, and Megan Pontin, Patient Safety Incident Investigator both from West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust focused on the shared learnings from an early adopter site.

Melanie Whitfield, Associate Director of Patient Safety, Clinical Governance and Risk Management, Trust Patient Safety Specialist at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust shared her experience of implementation of Patient Safety Partners in the trust.

Wendy Stobbs, Head of Programmes at Health Innovation Manchester shared the role of the NHSE commissioned Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) Patient Safety Collaboratives, and described the role of AHSN patient safety collaboratives, how they have been supporting the five NHSE National Patient Safety Commissions; and the current focus on System Safety and PSIRF in particular. 

Emma Watson, PSIRF Implementation Lead at Circle Health Group ended the speaker sessions by sharing her experience of her involvement with a patient safety event and what we can all do to support staff who have been involved in an incident. Rounding off the day, we held a panel session – chaired by IHPN’s Director of Regulation Dawn Hodgkins – giving the audience an opportunity to ask questions to the panel and to share any key learnings and key takeaways.

You can view the event’s agenda and download the slides by clicking on the buttons below:

We also have a fantastic blog written by IHPN’s Head of Patient Safety and Quality Governance, Linda Jones, has written a blog all about the conference, as well as the wider changes PSIRF will entail, and why it’s vital we’re all ready for them. Read it here!

To hear more about the conference and PSIRF, why not watch the video below:

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