Medical Practitioners Assurance Framework

Date of publication: 23rd Oct 2019

The Medical Practitioners Assurance Framework (MPAF) has been developed to improve consistency around effective clinical governance for medical practitioners across the independent sector and to raise the bar in medical leadership.

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Working together to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan

Date of publication: 19th Jun 2019

Following the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan in January 2019, IHPN have launched a report demonstrating how NHS/independent sector partnerships are already helping to deliver the healthcare priorities outlined in the NHS plan and how joint working across sectors is key to the  Plan’s success.

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Working together since 1948: celebrating 70 years of partnership between the NHS & independent sector

Date of publication: 19th Jun 2018

To mark the NHS’ 70th birthday, the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, which represents independent health providers, has today launched a new report at Confed18, “Working together since 1948” showcasing examples from across the decades on how independent providers have partnered with the NHS to improve patient care.

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You have the right to choose where you receive NHS treatment

Date of publication: 16th Feb 2018

IHPN has published an infographic outlining what rights NHS patients have when choosing their care following NHS research that shows less than 50% of patients are aware of their legal rights to choose who provides their NHS treatment. The infographic, which was promoted by Which? through a blog on their “Which Conversation” website highlights the rights of patients:

  • to choose where you are referred to receive a diagnosis or treatment on the NHS;
  • to be referred to a different hospital if you have to wait more than 2 weeks to see a specialist for suspected cancer; or
  • to be referred to a different hospital if you have to wait more than 18 weeks for non-urgent treatment.

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Mythbusters: Addressing common misunderstandings about appraisal and revalidation

Date of publication: 1st Nov 2017

This guide, created by the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations (AIHO), is adapted from the Royal College of GPs’ ‘Mythbusting’ document which aims address common misunderstandings about appraisal and revalidation and improve how medical professionals, appraisers and responsible officers engage in the appraisal and revalidation process.

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Acting without delay – How the independent sector is working with the NHS to reduce delayed discharge

Date of publication: 14th Jun 2017

This report looks at a range of innovative partnerships helping some of the most vulnerable NHS patients get the right care in the right place at the right time.

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The role of the independent sector in the NHS: Busting the myths

Date of publication: 28th Apr 2017

Throughout its history, the health service has relied on independent and voluntary organisations to provide care and support the NHS in a host of different ways.

This publication takes a look at the independent sector and dispels four myths on its role in the NHS.

It forms part of a series of myth busters on common misconceptions, produced to enrich debate on topical, sometimes controversial, issues regarding health and care.

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Capital, capacity and capability: Independent sector providers helping to develop a strong Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Date of publication: 16th Mar 2016

These Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) will be place-based, multi-year blueprints that ensure the additional funding secured in the Spending Review is effectively channelled into transforming the way care is delivered. Successful development of STPs will be central to the release of sustainability funding for providers in 2016/17 and any real-terms increases in clinical commissioning group (CCG) allocations from 2017/18.

As has been acknowledged in the initial guidance, the independent sector should play a key role in helping individual footprints to meet the stated requirements for STPs and in ensuring the plans are effectively delivered. This document has been developed to provide more detail on how that support could be realised and is broken up into three main areas:

  • capital – helping to access and secure external investment
  • capacity – providing additional, flexible capacity to meet demand and patient need
  • capability – enabling learning and dissemination of good practice from local, regional, national and international operators.

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