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Statement re CISS tender process

Date of publication: 27th Jan 2020

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IHPN has issued the following statement in response to an article published in Healthcare Markets on 23 January “Healthcode maintains its independence after concerns raised over its suitability to run the CISS”.

“IHPN saw the report in Healthcare Markets on 23 January about Healthcode, in which it was suggested that “Healthcode emerged as the natural choice of provider to operate the CISS when it was announced by the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) at the end of last year.” IHPN wishes to make it clear that it is in the process of developing a procurement process for the selection of a partner to develop the CISS, and it is entirely incorrect to suggest that Healthcode is regarded by IHPN as the natural choice or is in any way favoured by IHPN.

“We are keen to encourage any interested party to participate in the process which will be restarted following publication of the Paterson Report which we anticipate shortly.

“IHPN would also emphasise that any provider, and indeed users of the CISS database when available will need to commit to confidentiality obligations both to protect personal data, and to comply with the requirements on information sharing  under section 2 of the Competition Act.”

Healthcare Markets has subsequently amended the article and removed the reference to Healthcode being the ‘natural choice’ of provider to run the Consultant Information Sharing System (CISS). Healthcare Markets has clarified that this statement was based solely on editorial opinion given the company’s existing operation of the Private Practice Register and was in no way meant to suggest that it is favoured in any way by IHPN. The corrected article can be read here.