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IHPN responds to record NHS waiting list figures

Date of publication: 12th Aug 2021

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Responding to the latest NHS performance figures published today, David Hare, Chief Executive of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, said:

“Today’s figures show a significant increase in the number of people waiting for care, with the largest ever NHS waiting list on record at 5.5 million. And with 7.5 million “missing” people from the list who will need treatment, the Government must urgently set out a clear plan on how patient access to NHS care will be restored.

“The scale of the challenge in tackling the backlog of care is enormous and it’s vital that an “all shoulders to the wheel” approach is taken, including a clear and sustained role for independent providers. However, as NHS Providers have made clear, the lack of clarity around funding for the NHS post September 2021 is severely hampering efforts to put in place long term NHS/ independent sector partnerships which will bring in much needed additional capacity to the NHS and help ensure patients get the care they need.

“With the public consistently stating that bringing down waiting lists is their number one priority for the NHS, people need to be reassured that the Government is doing everything possible to tackle this significant challenge head on. A clear plan from the government setting out how the growing care backlog will be tackled cannot come soon enough.”