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IHPN responds to Government's Queen's Speech

Date of publication: 19th Dec 2019

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Responding to the Queen’s Speech delivered in the Houses of Parliament, David Hare, Chief Executive of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN), said:

“IHPN welcomes the commitment in law to significant additional funding for the NHS. This represents a real opportunity to make real improvements in the care patients receive and we should be ambitious about what can be achieved. We want to see a laser like focus on the issues that matter to patients including cutting waiting times for key NHS services across hospital and primary care. We think that improving productivity and efficiency will be central to securing better outcomes for patients and value for money for the taxpayer.

“The introduction of The Health Service Safety Investigations Bill is an important step forward in improving patient safety across the healthcare system. The recent NHS Patient Safety Strategy rightly called for a “whole systems approach” to patient safety covering both the NHS and independent sector. In this context it’s vital that the HSSIB’s remit includes the independent healthcare sector so that this new Body has the maximum possible impact in improving patient safety. At the second reading of the HSSIB earlier in the autumn, parliamentarians sent a clear message that the independent sector should be covered by the Bill and we hope the Government takes this on board.”

“We look forward to the detailed proposals that will be put forward as part of the NHS Long Term Plan Bill.  Changes to how the NHS commissions and delivers over £120bn worth of patient care every year need proper scrutiny by Parliamentarians and we welcome the decision to introduce draft legislation that can be discussed and debated, helping to ensure that any changes are in the best interests of patients.

“We also welcome the introduction of the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill which, at a time of rapid growth of implantable medical devices both in the UK and internationally, will play an important role in simplifying and standardising the regulation of medical devices across the whole healthcare system.”