ADG's priorities for 2019/20

Some of ADG’s key goals that sit alongside our ‘business as usual’ activities include:

Policy and Parliament

  • Responding to consultations and submitting evidence to key inquiries.
  • Producing policy papers and position statements on current dental affairs, especially those that affect dental groups.
  • Engaging with key stakeholders and decision makers in the dental policy field.
  • Increasing our political involvement, to produce campaigns around our main objectives.

Sharing, Learning and Networking

  • Working closely with the Independent Health Providers Network (IHPN) to share resources and learn from each other.
  • Building stronger working relationships with other bodies and key stakeholders and to be seen as the main representative for dental groups providers.
  • Attending workshops, conferences and meetings where we can learn and share information and intelligence with the public, dental professionals and relevant stakeholders.

Communications and Branding

  • Improving our social media presence and regularly updating our website.
  • Engaging with members regularly through newsletters and providing ad hoc briefings and updates.